For some family pets, the car ride to a veterinary clinic can be a very stressful experience. Mesa Mobile Veterinary Services provides a way for pets to remain at home with a familiar atmosphere, faces they know, and sounds and smells that belong to them. At no time is this more important than when an owner is facing the most difficult decision a pet lover has to make.

In Home Pet Euthanasia

Dr. Mesa will help you carefully and honestly evaluate the health and quality of life of your elderly or infirmed pet. When the time comes, we provide you the choice to say goodbye to your pet at home, in its own environment surrounded by the people and things that it loves.


We work with locally owned Cremation and Memorial companies to provide the following services. All services include making all arrangements and providing transportation for your pet.

  • Communal Cremation does not allow you to get your ashes back. Pets are cremated communally with other pets. Remains are scattered at sea once a month as a final farewell.
  • Private Cremation allows you to receive your pet’s ashes back. Pets are cremated in their own individual compartments. Remains are returned to the owner in a cedar urn. A handmade paw print, personalized certificate of cremation and pet loss resources are included with this package. Special order urns are available upon request. When your urn is ready,it will be delivered to you personally.

If you would like to work with another crematory, please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements.

Before considering burial, please check with your local codes and ordinances. Many places do not allow burial.

The loss of a pet can have a significant impact on you and your family. Companion animals give us a kind of love, loyalty, and support that can be hard to find elsewhere. Losing a family pet can be one of the most difficult times in your life.

The loss of a pet, whether due to death, disappearance, or inability to keep it, is the loss of a rare and special part of your life. Knowing that there will be no replacement causes pain and grief. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish, or any other species of animal that shares our hearts and lives, the staff at the Mesa Mobile Veterinary Services understand the significance of your loss.

If you are anticipating the loss of a pet please give us a call. Mesa Mobile Veterinary Services can help you think through difficult decisions and explore your options.

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