Procedure Pricing

Procedure Pricing

General Appointments/Examinations:

All home visits are charged a House Call fee. The Housecall fee includes the fee for the home visit and the examination of single pet. Otherwise, medications and diagnostic fees are similar to what is found at a regular veterinary hospital.  Pricing will be discussed at the time of an examination.  Additional pets may be examined for an additional $45 per pet.

Home Euthanasia:

Home Euthanasia charges have three separate charges.  A House call charge, euthanasia charge, and a cremation charge.  Cremation charges will only be applied if the owner chooses not to handle their pet’s remains themselves through self burial or a private cremation company.

Euthanasia Charges:

$110 for  0-39# pets

$165 for 40-79# pets

$210 for 80-119# pets

$269 for pets over 120#

General Cremation Charges

(ashes not returned to owner)

$75 for 0-39# pets

$110 for 40-79# pets

$145 for 80-119# pets

$180 for pets over 120#

Private Cremations Charges

(Pets ashes returned in Urn with Paw Print)

$240 for 0-59# pets

$295 for 60-99# pets

$365 for 100-149# pets

$405 for pets more than 150#

Vaccination Appointments:

All Vaccination appointments are charged a single house call fee.  Technician vaccination appointments are available for $25-$50 depending on area. Multiple pets may be vaccinated at the time of the housecall for no additional fee, except for cost of vaccinations($25-35/vaccine) as long as none of the vaccinated pets require veterinary attention (i.e. ear infection, cough, ect).  If more than one pet receives a veterinary examination (sometimes at owner’s request) then the $45/additional pet examination applies.

Feline Core Vaccination Pricing

Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia (FVRCP) 3 year- $36.93
Feline Leukemia (FeLV) 2 year- $36.38
Rabies 3 yr-$25.91

(other Vaccinations available: Feline Infectious Peritonitis(FIP) and Feline Infectious Virus (FIV)

Canine Core Vaccination Pricing

Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo (DHPP) 3 yr-$32.92
(add Leptospirosis or Corona to DHPP-$4.00)
Kennel Cough/Bordetella Annual-$23.40
Rabies 3 year-$25.91

(other Vaccinations available: Dental Disease, Influenza, Lyme, Rattlesnake, and Giardia)

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