Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the Loss of a pet

The bond we form with our pets is unique and personal and so is the grief we feel when they die. All of us experience and manage with loss just a little differently. We can go through a wide range of emotional states: shock, guilt, anger, sorrow and loneliness. Others may simply feel empty. All of these things are normal. What is important is that you allow yourself to grieve as much or as little as you need and for as long as you need.

Talk with others. Share your precious memories.

Seek support from family, friends, and caring people.

Finally, the day will come when thoughts of your beloved pet will only bring you smiles.

Below are some resources that may assist you in making and coping with a very difficult time.

“For the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God. “

Job 12:10

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